Hambleden, Fingest, Frieth and Skirmett are four beautiful villages nestling in the Buckinghamshire countryside to the west of High Wycombe and whilst you may not have visited the area, you will have seen it time and time again in films and television dramas.

This Parish consists of approximately 1000, adults plus children. There is one junior school in the Parish with some of the children being brought into Frieth by coach. Most of the villages are served by the mobile library. We have two playgroups

There is virtually no public transport and probably without exception, everyone is a car owner as it is the only way to exist. Broadband Internet is only available in a small part of the Parish and mobile telephone coverage is sparse.

There are five public houses, a post office in the general stores in Hambleden, a doctor' s surgery in Hambleden, a village hall in Frieth, Skirmett and Hambleden, one garage for car maintenance but no petrol.

There are a large number of people who have lived in the villages all their lives and others that have moved into the area because of it's unspoilt beauty.

Prices of property are extremely high which sadly means that younger people who wish to get onto the bottom rung of the property ladder have to move out of the area where they were born. Hambleden Parish Council has been instrumental in having 9 houses built on the edge of the village to be rented or part bought by local people.