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35 Hambleden Rise
Skirmett Road

Demolition of existing outbuildings & shed & erection of part single/part two storey side & rear extension & detached garage to front
06/07988/FUL Fingest Manor
Chequers Lane
Erection of detached single storey pool building
06/07966/FUL Little Yewden
Skirmett Road
Construction of two conservatories to south elevation with erection of orangery within the courtyard and formation of lantern roof to existing flat roof
06/07926/TPO Pheasants, Ferry Lane
Pollard 4 Willow trees (T1, T2, T3, T4).
06/07844/CTREE Crooked Chimneys, Shogmoor Lane, Frieth
Remove 2 Conifer trees (T1 and T2).
06/07787/FUL Dovers Farm, Frieth Road
Demolition of existing outbuildings & erection of 1 x 4-bed detached barn style dwelling & detached double garage utilising existing access
06/07651/CTREE Tedders Frieth Hill Frieth Reduce crown and thin by 30-40% to 1 Cherry tree (T4). Fell 2 Yew trees (T1 and T2). Crown thin and reduce by 20%, crown lift by 1.5 metres including cutting back overhanging branches to 1 Yew tree (T3).
Chisbridge Farm Chisbridge Lane Frieth Erection of timber framed swimming pool building adjoining the southern end of Dairy Cottage and the construction of single storey extension connecting Chisbridge Farmhouse to the north end of Dairy Cottage and the insertion of two dormers in the roofslope of the South Elevation of the main farmhouse
06/07583/CTREE 1 Yewden Manor Skirmett Road Hambleden Overall reduction of up to 50% to 1 Evergreen Oak tree (T1).
Barlows Frieth Hill Frieth Erection of linked garden room to side elevation
Insertion of one dormer window to side, replace existing gable window & internal alterations to create room in roofspace
06/07498/FUL Barlows Frieth Hill Frieth Construction of three bay garage and store and driveway alterations
06/07444/FUL Watercoombe Pheasants Hill Hambleden External alterations to create new bay with patio doors at ground floor and extension of terraced/patio area
Henley Management College Greenlands Henley Road Hambleden Erection of 6 x smoking shelters
06/07435/FUL Flints Rockwell End Hill Erection of part single/part two storey rear extension & erection of decking to first floor rear with access stairs to garden & alterations
06/07432/CTREE Barlows Frieth Hill Frieth Remove 2 Fraxinus Excelsior, 2 Chamaecyparis Lawsoniana (T2, T3, T4, T5). Cown reduce by 50% to 1 Robinia (T1). Crown reduce by 20% to 1 Juglans (T6).


The Flat Roofed House Innings Road Frieth Construction of glazed link extension and single storey rear extension to existing outbuilding
06/07262/CTREE Church View, Frieth completely remove leylandii hedge
Flat 4 Hambleden Mill Henley Road Insertion of new double doors in existing window opening, insertion of window in existing door opening and external landscaping works
06/07142/FUL The Gables, Frieth Construction of two storey rear gable end extension
06/07136/FUL The Yew Tree, Frieth Change of use to allow parking of a caravan
06/07129/FUL 5 Varnells Terrace, Hambleden Erection of two storey side/rear extension, new front porch and conservatory to rear
80 Rectory Hill Hambleden Construction of single storey rear extension
06/07111/FUL The Mill House Turville Creation of tennis court with associated 2.7 metre high chain link fencing
06/07110/CTREE The Gables Frieth Hill Frieth Removal of holly tree
06/07092/FUL Greenwoods Spurgrove Lane Frieth Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 1 no. x 5 bed chalet bungalow


The Old Crown House, Skirmett const of chimney to east elevation
06/06967/FUL The Old Museum erect of 2 storey rear ext and det triple garage with storage over in connection with change of use from part residential/part estate office to form 1 x 4 bed det dwelling (alt to scheme 05/07827/FUL)
06/06887/FUL Dormer Cottage Spurgrove Lane Frieth Construction of two storey side extension
06/06875/CTREE Pear Tree Cottage, Frieth tree works
06/06874/LBC Russells Farm Cottages, Rockwell End Lane Demolition of existing barn, erection of replacement two storey barn and reconstruction of brick and flint boundary wall
06/06871/LBC Hunters End Pheasants Hill Construction of single storey rear extension
06/06870/FUL Hunters End Pheasants Hill Construction of single storey rear extension
06/06863/FUL Dovers Farm, Frieth Road Erection of detached triple garage with accommodation over
06/06822/FUL The Frog Skirmett Road Skirmett Erection of covered smoking area
06/06808/FUL Russells Farm Cottages, Rockwell End Lane erection of replacement two storey barn and reconstruction of brick and flint boundary wall
06/06745/FUL Red Kites, Innings Road, Frieth erection of a detached single story timber framed swimming pool building
06/06727/FUL 5 Dairy Lane, Mill End erection of single storey conservatory to rear of property
06/06707/LBC Hambleden Stores and Post Office demolition of fire damaged barn within curtilage of a listed building (The Post Office) to enable the erection of two dwellings on land behind the Post Office and on the site of the fire damaged building (1x3 bed and 1x1 bed)
06/06706/LBC 67 Hambleden Village Listed building consent for the erection of an attached dwelling adjacent to No. 67 (1x2 bed)
06/06702/FUL Greenlands Farm, Dairy Lane, Mill End removal and reorganisation of the existing buildings to provide a total of 10 B1 units, providing a total floor area of 1472 square metres
06/06679/CAC Rear of Hambleden Stores and Post Office, 58 Hambleden Village, The Forge and land adjacent to 67 Hambleden Village demolition of three sheds on the builders yard/storage shed area to enable the erection of three new dwellings

1. demolition of three sheds and erection of 3 new dwellings on the builders yaerd/storage area (2x3 bed & 1x1 bed) (The Smithy/Forge)

2. erection of two dwellings on land behind the Post Office and on the site of the fire damaged building (1x3 bed & 1x1 bed)

3. The development of an attached dwelling adjacent to No 67 (1x2 bed), associated parking and amenity space

06/06666/FUL The Old Telephone Exchange, Skirmett Road, Hambleden erection of a single storey side extensions and change of use to create 1 x 2 bed dwelling with access from Ridgewood
06/06621/FUL The Woodyard Site, Skirmett Road change of use and conversion of woodyard building to a bistro and ancilliary shop
06/06618/FUL The Quarry, Dairy Lane, Mill End erection of agricultural building and associated landscaping
06/06608/FUL land at Parmoor Lane H F Nixey & Son – erection of steel framed lean-to to barn.
06/06524/FUL Rose Briar, Pheasants Hill erection of conservatory to rear and relocation of porch to rear.
06/06516/FU Fayland, Colstrope Lane erection of loose box, tack room & hay store with alterations to existing driveway (retrospective) variation to scheme approved 00/007746/FUL.
06/06501/FUL Sewage Works, Mill End Farm, Henley Road erection of 15m monopole mast with 2 equipment cabinets & electrical cabinet.
06/06499/FUL Chisbridge Farm erection of brick wall with railings over and entrance gate not exceeding 1.6m in height.
06/06416/LBC Little Parmoor Parmoor Lane Frieth Insertion of stainless steel flue and ground floor window in west elevation; two replacement ground
06/06376/FUL Barn End, Chequers Lane construction of single storey side porch
06/06371/FUL& LBC Little Parmoor, Parmoor Lane insertion of stainless steel flue & ground floor window in west elevation; two replacement ground floor windows to north elevation and external alterations.
06/06353/CTREE St Johns Church, Frieth crown thin to east side of tree by up to 15%, raise canopy up to 4m to one horse chestnet (T1). Reduce branches with excessive weight by up to 2m and remove dead wood to one cedar tree (T2). Raise canopy up to 4m and remove epicormic growth to two line trees (T3 and T4)
06/06308/FUL Hatchett Wood Farm, Shogmoor Lane demolition of existing building & erection of replacement dwelling, staff cottage & garages & new access from Shogmoor Lane.
06/06284/FUL Southbrook Cottage, Bagmoor Lane erect of single storey extension to form storage/potting shed; insertion of 3 dormer windows to front elevation & associated external alterations to existing annexe.
06/06255/CTREE Yewden Manor Cottage cutback to reduce to 2.5 – 3m treat as formal stem to one yew tree (T1). Cut back overhanging limbs to neighbours tree – one yew tree (T2)
06/06177/FUL Hillside, Frieth erection of satellite dish (retrospective)
06/06091/FUL Little Adam, Shogmoor erection of decking to rear (retrospective)
06/06048/FUL Fingest Manor, Chequers Lane demolition of bungalow and garage block and erection of 7 bay garage building with staff accommodation over
06/06041/FUL Grebe Cottage, Henley Road erection of replacemement 2 bay car port, replacement 2m boundary wall, creation of doorway to study from parking areas (part retrospective)
  Huttons Farm, Rotten Row creation of new access track to farmstead
06/05953/FUL Thamesfield Cottage, Ferry Lane demolition of existing dwelling & outbuildings & erection of 1 x 3 bed detached dwelling & garage (alter to pp 03/08033/FUL)
Walnut Tree Cottage, Skirmett constr of single storey rear extension linking existing house to proposed barn and garage conversion permitted under pp03/07610/FUL
06/05935/FUL Red Kites, Innings Road constr of 2 storey rear extension and associated external alterations (alt scheme to pp03/06668/FUL)
06/05894/FUL Bacres Barn, Skirmett Road creation of cellar at basement level – for consideration
06/05883/FUL 2 Stag Cottages, Pheasants Hill erection of front porch and internal alterations – for consideration.
06/05813/FUL Land adj Greyholme, Spurgrove Lane partial change of use of land for erection of stables, tack room and hay barn
06/05811/FUL Rockwell End Farm Barn conversion of barn to form one 3 bed dwelling
06/05801/CTREE Church View, Frieth removal of branches on eastern side of one sycamore tree
06/05782/CTREE St Mary's Church, Hambleden Raise canopies as appropriate to three yew trees. Remove one yew tree. Raise canopy over gate entrance to one yew tree.
06/05743/FUL Riverside Cottage, Henley Road erection of single storey rear extension to garage over dry dock creating boathouse with gymnasium, office & study in roof space
06/05736/ful Stud Farm, Shogmoor Lane erection of detached 4 bed dwelling with linked detached garage/office following demolition of existing dwelling
06/05735/ful Stud Farm, Shogmoor Lane erection of stables, indoor school, manege, horse walker, hay/machine store and office/ tackle/ feed/rest room building with staff flat over following demolition of existing stables, barns and existing associated buildings.
06/05677/out Prospect Market Gardens, Shogmoor Lane outline application (including details of siting and means of access) for the erection of two detached dwellings with associated parking
06/05616/ful Tedders, Frieth Hill construction of single storey rear and first floor rear extension (amendment to pp 04/06625/ful)
06/05612/ful Melford House, Fingest Road, Fingest construction of conservatory to rear
06/05585/FUL Warren Hill, Colstrope Lane raising roof to existing garage in connection with studio/storage in roof space
06/05507/LBC I Yewden Manor, Skirmett Road internal alterations to Listed building comprising of removal of partition wall and
false ceiling in kitchen/breakfast room
06/05482/ful Twin Peaks, Spurgrove raising roof and alterations incorp two storey rear extension to form two storey dwelling, glass bridge to link to front parking area and rear roof terrace
06/05442/FUL Springfield Farm, Rotten Row construction of indoor equestrian centre
06/05374/TPO Hambleden Mill Marina remove major deadwood, thin by 10% and reduce by 20% by lifting branch end head back over buildings
06/05373/CTREE Hambleden Mill Marina fell one ash tree, thin & reduce by 25%, pollard damaged section where appropriate to one ash tree
06/05351/CTREE Red House, Pheasants Hill remove 2 silver birch & one prunus
06/05321/TPO Pheasants,
Ferry Lane
reduce height to approx 2m to group of hollies. Reduce one yew. Fell group of sycamore trees. Remove three alders
06/05282/FUL 4 Elm Cottages, Skirmett const of part 2 storey, part single storey side & rear extensions and single storey front extension
06/05256/FUL OS Parcel of land at Huttons Farm creation of wildlife pond & landscaping and ground works to field
06/05237/FUL The Roost, Chisbridge constr of 2 storey extension to north elevation
06/05166/CTREE Yewden Farm Cottage remove 2 Lawson cypress trees
06/05164/FUL Bussetts, Pheasants Hill demolition of existing garage and constr of 2 storey extension to east elevation, single storey extension to south elevation & detached garage with store (alt scheme to pp 05/06176/FUL)
06/05154/FUL Thamesfield Cottage,
Ferry Lane
demolition of existing dwelling & outbuildings & erection of one x 3 bed dwelling & garage
06/05132/FUL Fingest Manor constr of single storey orangery with glazed upper lantern & glazed link to replace existing conservatory
Why Cottage, Henley Road demolition of existing single storey side extension & constr of two storey side & read extension and single storey side & rear extension
06/05016/FUL Flint Cottage,
demolition of existing single storey extension & construction of new single storey side extension & alterations to provide walled terrace
06/05012/LBC Flint Cottage,
demolition of existing single storey extension & construction of new single storey side extension & minor internal works

The comments of the Parish Council can be read in the minute or at the WDC link.